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Why do a network assessment?

  • Identify hardware, management and process inefficiencies

  • Identify gaps in security

  • Identify needs for redundancy

  • Identify needs for more resources

    • Bandwidth

    • Hardware upgrades

    • Combining hardware

  • Make informed business decisions

  • Planning significant network changes

What does Saje provide?

  • Meeting with appropriate IT staff

  • Diagram of current network topology including switches, firewalls, wireless, servers, workstations, phone systems

  • Documentation of network addresses, logins and passwords

  • Review of current software revisions

  • Report of network inefficiencies and security gaps

  • Proposal of any moves, adds or changes

  • Bill of materials of any proposed hardware

Is your network running as efficiently and securely as possible?  Have you done several moves, adds and changes with 100% confidence that the network is designed as it should be?  Do you feel confident in what is happening on the network?


If you answered no to any of these questions, it may be time for a network assessment!


What is Network Assessment?

A network assessment is the evaluation of your current network infrastructure, processes, performance, management, and security to identify the scope of modifying any of these areas.

Network Assessment

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