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BlueVoyant was co-founded in 2017 by Fortune 500 executives and former government intelligence directors. We recruit and retain top talent from the FBI, NSA, Unit 8200, GCHQ and private sector to better protect your business and reduce risk to your enterprise.

We improve your security posture by detecting, responding, and remediating breaches and attacks faster and more effectively than in-house support and our cybersecurity contemporaries. We have a unique combination of superior technology, proprietary data, and exemplary people.

Clients come to BlueVoyant when they realize that their finite cybersecurity budgets cannot keep pace with agile, well-financed adversaries. Given the recent surge in high-impact cyber crimes, it is apparent that even high-performing IT and cybersecurity teams are finding it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of threat actors.

BlueVoyant is a services and technology partner that you can trust to safeguard your business in a scalable way. Whether you need endpoint protection, incident response, or better proactive defense - our various solutions are built to scale to your changing needs.

As you onboard, BlueVoyant’s Client Experience team will guide you and work alongside you as your partner to properly equip you with tools and services that are robust, relevant and rightsized. We will ensure that the plan you choose aligns with your security goals, addresses your security challenges and protects your critical assets. WIth BlueVoyant, you can rest assured our team is prepared to help you detect, respond and remotely remediate.

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