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Your network is the backbone of your company. Saje provides unmatched expertise in the systems and software that drive corporate networks, and can help you select and implement technologies to ensure seamless functionality in your network environment. We are committed to providing you with high-quality, cost-effective solutions that can evolve with your business.

Saje comprises a group of professionals with 25 years of in-depth knowledge about network and security solutions—including experience in the management of Internet routing and security software development. In 1997, CTO John Gawf led the innovation of the first Internet firewalls and IPSec VPNs at a startup that was ultimately acquired by Cisco Systems in 2000. While at Cisco, John managed geographically diverse groups that developed security software for IOS-based routers, including IOS firewall, IPS, AV, URL filtering, and IPSec.

Located in Boulder, CO, Saje serves clients throughout Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming.


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