With leadership that has been in the information security industry for over 15 years, Evolve Security is a dedicated cybersecurity services firm that focuses on delivering real and measurable improvements to your security posture.

Evolve Security works alongside your current security and/or IT staff to manage and resolve your security vulnerabilities throughout the full security lifecycle. Our ultimate goal is to improve our customers’ security posture, not just provide them with list of vulnerabilities and security findings.

Evolve trains your staff while the full security lifecycle is being performed, which equips your team with the necessary tools and best practices and allows your company to remain secure long after the initial assessment is completed. This unique approach ensures that improvements are made to your security posture, and that your company is positioned to be secure for the long-term.


Evolve Security has the distinct ability to provide insights into industry best practices as a result of its continuous investment in research and development through its in-house Evolve Security Academy division. Evolve’s extensive network of instructors, adjunct instructors, and subject matter experts, ensures that you are provided with the most sophisticated thought leadership in the industry.