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Why outsource ISP Management?

  • Save time and money (and lots of it!)

  • Gain visibility into location service and costs

  • Have an automatic review of what’s available for service at renewal time

  • Keeps costs under control with no surprises

  • Direct access to service provider systems and proprietary software

What does Saje provide?

  • Account team with technical and billing expertise

  • Strategic plan

  • Software inventory of all your services

  • Support of your daily management

  • Access to providers’ internal systems

  • Guaranteed savings and quarterly reporting

Managed ISP

Have you ever wanted to change your ISP or needed new or upgraded service and you just really don’t want to start calling providers? Ever wondered if you are getting the best deal available? Have you ever wished you had visibility into every store location so you could have access to what service is there and what you pay for it? Are your bills so confusing that you don’t even really know how much you are paying?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to use Saje's ISP services!


At Saje Network Systems we realize working with an Internet Service Provider can be extremely time consuming and frustrating so we’ve partnered with IQ Wired, a local Denver company, to help you buy and manage your telecom technology. They will shop for service, keep track of renewal dates 100 days in advance, find out where you are paying for service you don’t need or thought you’d canceled.  On average, they save their customers over 20% on their bills.  Their software provides easy access to all account information and you no longer spend your valuable time managing the administrative components of your telecom and technology.

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