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Does the perimeter of your network have more than a stateful packet firewall?  Are you using the advanced features common to firewalls today?  Are you confident in the need and accuracy of the policies and proxies?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it may be time to talk to Saje about your perimeter security!

A stateful packet firewall, while essential, simply isn’t enough anymore.  The reality is that every network needs a full arsenal of scanning engines to protect against spyware and viruses, malicious apps and data leakage – all the way through ransomware, botnets, advanced persistent threats, and zero day malware.  That protection starts at the perimeter.

Why protect the perimeter?

  • First line of defense

  • Multiple attack vectors require advanced security

  • Provides a layer of defense in depth

  • Limits threat penetration which increases security

What does Saje provide?

  • Joint Planning of policies, proxies and advanced security features

  • Multiple vendor options for hardware

  • Expert knowledge of firewall configuration,

  • In depth experience of policy and proxy settings

  • Cybersecurity experts

  • Certification training for WatchGuard firewalls

  • Tuning and troubleshooting

Perimeter Security

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