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Three Reasons for Managed Security

Managed security service providers are increasingly providing integrated security solutions that are designed to address an increasing threat landscape. By using new solutions that support monitoring, detection and response, these managed security solutions are designed to respond quickly to advanced security attacks.

Businesses of all sizes are thinking out of the box these days about how to solve the evolving security problem. There are three important reasons.

1. Attacks are more damaging, come without warning and last longer than ever before.

Security attacks are increasing every year. More and more of them are targeting small and mid-size companies including CEOs. Many attacks once in your system are there for months before they are detected. Here’s a list of the most common new attacks targeted at SMB’s. Ask yourself if you’re ready for this!

  • Email Initiated Attacks

Phishing & Spear Phishing attacks

Email Spoofing/CEO Fraud

Malicious attachments

  • Supply chain attacks

  • Advanced Malware

Ransomware/Zero day & self-propagating worms

File-less malware

  • Stolen Credentials

  • New Cloud Threats

Hybrid/Public cloud infrastructures

Cloud applications & data storage

  • Multi-stage prolonged attacks (APTs)

  • IoT attacks

2. Companies are having a hard time keeping up

  • Rate that companies detect and respond to attacks is too slow

  • The need to maintain “appropriate security”

Analyze new solutions

Define changes and upgrade to new solutions

Ensure solutions work together and provide prevention, detection, response and forensics.

  • Cyber skills requirements are rising at a rapid rate.

  • Regulation Compliance – both in the US and WorldWide.

  • Other corporate priorities exist that take away from managing security.

3. A full time staff is needed to manage, detect and respond to attacks.

  • Qualified security personnel are hard to find, and the salary required exceeds budgets.

  • According to ESG research, 82% of cybersecurity professionals agree that improving threat detection and response (i.e. mean-time to detect (MTTD), mean-time to respond (MTTR), etc.) is a high priority at their organization.

  • 77% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed by ESG say business managers are pressuring the cybersecurity team to improve threat detection and response.

  • Threat detection and response is not easy. Cybersecurity professionals point to issues such as an upsurge in the volume and sophistication of threats, an increasing cybersecurity workload, and a growing attack surface.

Outsourcing Can Provide Expertise, Resources and Advanced Managed Security Solutions

Expert security partners that provide risk assessments, who work with leading security product providers and who provide managed security services can lighten your load. They have the benefit of being immersed in security every day. Plus, by providing security risk assessments, they see where companies have gaps in their security. Working with many security product vendors enables them to understand who is best in class and what can work well together.

By managing security daily, they can master these devices and provide expert results. The right partner can provide:

  • Integrated security solutions that provide Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

  • Larger trained staff that is familiar with the latest security solutions

  • Ongoing monitoring, detection and informed response (remediation) recommendations

What Managed Security Services Can be Outsourced?

Managed security providers can provide a variety of managed solutions such as:


  • Firewalls

  • Web Application Firewalls

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • Security Operations Center

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Security Training & Phishing Testing

  • Cloud Application Security

  • Endpoint Protection, Detection & Response (EDR)

  • Security Risk Assessments (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily)

  • Security Testing (Vulnerability & Penetration testing, WiFi Testing…)

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