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Are you wondering if you’re keeping up with the latest threats?  Feeling overwhelmed by the decisions about where to place your security and what the best options are? As a dedicated network infrastructure and security company, Saje Network Systems can help you with that. We are experts at network design and implementation as well as security.  We can design your network to create a more secure and easily managed solution. We can provide the education you need to manage your network security or we can manage it for you.

Why outsource?

We are network and Cyber security experts, so we stay informed about new Cyber threats and solutions to combat them.  We also manage security products daily and can therefore configure, tune and maintain hardware effectively and efficiently which will avoid vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations. It also frees you up to focus on your company’s many other IT needs. 


What’s provided?

We start by meeting to understand your current network, security and business requirements as well as any changes you would like to make.  We then work with you to make any necessary product changes, configurations and implementations. When your network and security are implemented to your satisfaction, we shift to management mode and generate reports, provide software updates, make changes and respond to alerts daily.

Managed Security

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